Who we are

We are Greetje (l) and Matty (r): both children’s coaches, enthusiastic, decisive and with a mind of our own. And insanely proud of our game! Can you tell from this photo?

Matty van de Rijzen

In love with my life, my loved ones and my work. Since 2010 I am no longer solely a teacher at a Montessori school, but I also became the owner of my own children’s coaching practice Glundercompany and a mother of two (from 2011 and 2013). I cherish the gift to find little tokens of joy and happiness everywhere, and am pursuing my dreams pretty much all the time.

Greetje Welten

My name is Greetje Welten, and I am one of the two creators of Treasure Hunters. In November 2007 I established ‘Het Zonnewiel’: a coaching practice for children, youngsters and parents. It made me a pioneer in this wonderful and interesting subject area. Treasure Hunters was born from my own needs of having ‘that kind of game’ to use in my practice. But also from the needs of my clients, so that they would be able to playfully work at connection, self-image and self-confidence at home.