One-on-one counseling

One of the most successful ingredients of the game is how lighthearted and playful it feels, while at the same time offering the most beautiful open conversations and insights.

Treasure Hunters is used for many different forms of one-on-one counseling, such as: remedial teaching, (ortho-) pedagogics, play therapy, speech therapy, integrative therapy, child psychology, psychomotor therapy, and for other children and adolescent professionals. But the game is also successfully deployed within the educational system, such as with school counseling or in-school support.

If you play Treasure Hunters with a client/student, you can join the game for instance by also taking and completing chore cards.

Treasure Hunters can also be successfully used for smaller groups, for instance as part of a training.

You can make a pre-selection of certain chore and/or treasure cards.

You can play the game using only one specific category of chore cards.

You can let your client/student take a treasure card and ask him or her if it suits their personality.

The excavated treasures can be used in a practical and solution-oriented way, for instance by focusing on that one treasure that is most likely to help your client/student reach his or her desired goals.