In your coaching practice

The ‘standard’ way of playing Treasure Hunters is already perfect to use in your coaching practice - both as an introduction and further along the coaching or counseling trajectory. You will find that your professional skills enable you to dive deep into the answers given, so that you can quickly get to know your coachee in a playful and informal way.

One of the most successful ingredients of the game is how lighthearted and playful it feels, while at the same time offering the most beautiful open conversations and insights.

You can…

Let the coachee be the only one to draw, pick and complete cards.

Play along as a coach by drawing only chore cards, no treasure cards.

As a coach you could also draw treasure cards and hand them to your coachee if you think they suit his or her personality.

Create a special place on the table where your coachee can put those treasure cards that he or she would like to develop.

Make a pre-selection of a certain category of chore cards that you would like to explore with your coachee

Have the parents play along, so that you gain insight into family dynamics

Have brothers and sisters join the game, so that you gain additional insight into family dynamics.


Let fictional characters join the game by giving them a tangible shape (e.g. a doll, wooden pawn etc.) and handing them a set of treasure cards as well.