At home

Officially, the game is designed for children between the ages of seven to seventeen. But if you are a bit younger, or a lot older, no problem! You’ll love it anyway. The questions, chores and rules are such that every child from the age of seven can play the whole game. We even dare to say that, after a few goes, nearly all children older than ten can play the game amongst each other, without supervision.

It is truly wonderful to play this game together with your kid(s). You will notice how it deepens and strengthens your connection. Isn’t it nice, when you can let your child know what is so great about him or her? And the good thing about Treasure Hunters is that you also discover other characteristics besides the ones you already knew. On top of that, hearing how your child sees you and the rest of the family is an amazing gift. Because the game is all build on positive treasure cards and chore cards, playing it makes everybody happy.

We, as adults, have also played the game with people of our own age and older. And despite the fact that these players were not exactly part of the targeted group, it certainly resulted in the same level of group connection. Back and forth, players made the most beautiful and touching discoveries.