Treasure Hunters, What is it?

Treasure Hunters is truly wonderful to play together with your kid(s). You will notice how it deepens and strengthens your connection. Isn’t it nice, when you can let your child know what is so great about him or her? And what an amazing gift it is to hear how your child sees you and the rest of the family. Because the game is all build on positive treasure cards and chore cards, playing it makes everybody happy.

The questions, tasks and rules of the game are such that every child from the age of seven can play the whole game. We even dare to say that, after a few goes, nearly all children older than ten can play the game amongst each other, without supervision. All of the anchoring tips and suggestions for playing as mentioned in the ‘for all treasure hunters’ section are easily applied at home.

Treasure Hunters is a game of cards. It consists of two types of cards. The first are chore cards, which consist of small tasks divided into stimulating and life-affirming themes. The second are treasure cards, which show valuable characteristics to discover with and from each other.

Treasure Hunters connects you to yourself and others in an exciting and dynamic way. Whether you play it for fun or with a predetermined goal, the unique combination of chores and treasures means there is something for everyone to enjoy – young and old(er). In the meantime you keep reflecting on yourself, but also on others.

You will be showered with well-intended and substantiated compliments. The picture you have of yourself and your fellow players will get clearer, and secretly those of other people around you as well.

While you playfully discover all the small wonders of life, your own qualities and those of others will surprise you.

The treasures stimulate your self-confidence, enlarge your self-insight and help you to recognize the hidden gems within yourself and others – now and forever. 

The chores are divided into themes that embrace life. They give you more self-insight, enjoyment, spontaneity and let you pause for a moment to appreciate all the extra-ordinary things of everyday life. 

In general, treasure cards with two keys are best understood by players aged nine and above. When a card holds only one key, it is also suitable for players below that age.

The game starts the second the treasure cards are handed out: each player receives five random treasure cards and places them face up in front, starting with the card that suits their personality best and ending with the one that is the least fitting. As a player, this forces you to really look at yourself. Where most people are usually (meant to be) modest, you have to ascribe certain qualities to yourself here. Boom! The first pile foundation of your positive self-image is inserted firmly into the ground! 

You can find a more indepth version of the rules of the game on our website. Besides the traditional, more basic way of playing Treasure Hunters as described above, there are many more ways in which you can play the game. 

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