Rules of the game

The game starts the second the treasure cards are handed out: each player receives five random treasure cards and places them face up in front, starting with the card that suits their personality best and ending with the one that is the least fitting.


As a player, this forces you to really look at yourself. Where most people are usually (meant to be) modest, you have to ascribe certain qualities to yourself here.

The first pile foundation of your positive self-image is inserted firmly into the ground!After every chore card you’ve completed, you pick a new treasure card.

This happens with every turn of the game, and with every player. If you pick or receive a new treasure card, you get rid of the one that suits you less. In this way you collect the five treasure cards that describe you best. Curious how to play the whole game right? Then find all the rules of the game once again below.

Getting the rules right

In general, treasure cards with one key are suitable for young kids already. If a treasure card holds two keys, it is best understood by players aged nine and above. If needed, you can always make a pre-selection of age-appropriate treasure cards.

The game starts with two piles: one pile containing 120 chore cards and the other 107 treasure cards.

When the game starts, each player receives five random treasure cards and places them face up in front.

Each player then rearranges these five cards in the order of which characteristic most suits their personality. For example starting on the right side with the treasure card that is most descriptive and ending on the left side with the card that is the least descriptive. Or place them vertically, from the bottom up or top down.

The players decide together who should go first and which direction the game will be played in. For example, the youngest player may begin, or the one with the shortest name, or the person who woke up earliest that morning…

As a first player you draw a chore card and complete the assignment. Then you draw a treasure card. You decide if the characteristic on that card is best suited to you or to another player, and explain why you think so. If there is no match, the card may also be put back on the bottom of the pile.

If you choose or receive a new treasure card, you then take the treasure card from your collection that least suits your personality and put it back onto the bottom of the pile. In this way you collect the five cards that most suit you, and your most valuable characteristics will show more and more.


Suggested length of play

Until all of the chores have been used (not all chore cards need to be used in every game)

According to an agreed time limit

 Until all players are happy with the self-image based on their five cards.

It is useful to have materials such as pencils, markers, pen, paper and possibly some empty stickers ready. You might need them for certain chores.


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