The chore cards

The chores are divided into themes that embrace life. They give you more self-insight, enjoyment, spontaneity and let you pause for a moment to appreciate all the extra-ordinary things of everyday life. 


The Chore cards are divided into six themes that all embrace life: 


Love: Experience love for yourself and for others


Treasures: Excavate your treasure and that of others


Wishes and dreams: Send beautiful wishes and dreams out into the world


Here and now: Pause and reflect


Fantasy: Experience the power of imagination


Enjoy: Give attention to the small special things in life




 Chore Cards of the day

Draw a chore card and ask the question not only to the child, but also to yourself. Elaborate on it together. Get back to it during the day. You can have the children discuss any amount of chore cards in smaller groups, and let everyone answer the questions given on the cards.  



The chore cards open your eyes to the extra-ordinary things of everyday life. Their playful and meaningful tasks let you embrace life. You will automatically start to smile, and;

your eyes will begin to sparkle.
Your heart will flutter.
You will purr.





Game, What is it?

Game, the treasures

Game, the rules